Spanish fans! Remember: This Monday on Neox (Antena 3) at 22:00 will be broadcasted for the second time Sherlock! Don’t forget to watch it :)

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 lydlily replied to your post: one year being a cumberbabe :’)

What’s the difference between Cumberbitch and Cumberbabe??

About Benedict said about those names, “Cumberbitch” sounds very disrespectful to his girls/ladies fans; and “Cumberbabe”, he named it in an interview months ago saying it would be better as a fan name. So if Cumberlord says that… how we can’t accept? But anyway, at the moment, there are fans who still calling themselves as “Cumberbitches”. In my opinion, I think we have to decide a fanbase name which everyone agrees and likes, including Ben. But well… we still doing everything we want lol.


It doesn’t matter what is your age. If you’re a men or women. If you can’t walk, speak or hear. If your language isn’t English. If you haven’t met him yet. What really matters, is your support. We, his fans, we’re supporting, admiring, loving Benedict everyday until the end. Every fan is different outside, but in our inside, we’re equal. Nothing and nobody won’t stop us for dedicate our lifes to our idol, hero, angel, favorite celebrity or whatever he means to you. We’re Cumberbabes and proud of it, and also proud of Benedict Cumberbatch.